Date: October 1, 2015
To: All Rutgers Staff, Faculty and Administrators
From: Vivian Fernández
Vice President for Faculty & Staff Resources
Re: Adverse Weather Policy and Essential Employee Guidelines

As we enter the time of year during which adverse weather conditions may become more prevalent, it is important to review Rutgers University’s policies regarding operations during adverse weather events, as well as update essential employee rosters and adequately communicate responsibilities to employees designated as essential in the event of university closure or delayed opening due to weather conditions.

HR Policies 60.3.16 (legacy Rutgers Attendance during Weather Conditions -- and 60.9.58 (legacy UMDNJ Inclement Weather and Emergency Curtailment of Operations -- govern operations and reporting requirements during the declaration of a weather emergency at the university.

In order to refresh your familiarity with the levels of adverse weather emergencies, please review the table below: 

New Term Legacy Rutgers Equivalent Legacy UMDNJ Equivalent
Level 1 Delayed Opening Delayed Opening
Level 2 Campus(es) Open - Storm Advisory *  No Equivalent
Level 3 Campus(es) Open - Severe Weather **  No Equivalent
Level 4 Campus(es) Closed - Weather Emergency  Campus(es) Closed - Weather Emergency 
Level 5 Addressed in Policy 60.3.19, University Closings  Campus(es) Closed - Emergency Curtailment of Operations 

*- Level 2 is declared when weather conditions may make travel hazardous. Employees may charge accrued leave time for work time missed.
**- Level 3 is declared when weather conditions are such that employees who make a good faith effort to report to work but are unable to do so may be excused, with pay, at the discretion of each individual department. Otherwise, employees may charge accrued leave time for work time missed.

For a more in-depth explanation of the weather emergency declarations for legacy Rutgers and legacy UMDNJ employees, please review the tables posted at

As in the past, departments are required to notify Essential Services Personnel, in writing, of their designation and to detail what that designation entails in terms of what job duties they may be assigned to perform during a weather emergency.  Resources to assist departments in notifying Essential Services Employees can be accessed on the Essential Employees Portal Sakai site for designated users.

Finally, as occurred last year, departments will be asked to update the Essential Employees Sakai Portal with the roster of designated Essential Services Employees for the department.   The Essential Employees Sakai Portal will be accessed by relevant university emergency services staff members who may need to contact or have knowledge of which essential employees are assigned to specific departments during a weather emergency.  Department administrators responsible for populating essential employee rosters for their units, schools, or departments on the Sakai site will receive separate notification and instructions; updated essential employee rosters are due on the Sakai site by January 31 of each year, but we encourage departments, units and schools to maintain their rosters on Sakai throughout the year to ensure the most updated information is available in the event of a weather emergency.

Thank you once again for your assistance with this important university initiative and for your adherence with the adverse weather policies and procedures.  If you have any questions regarding the application of policy or essential employee designation, please contact the Office of Labor Relations at (848) 932-3400.