Date: April 29, 2010
To: All Employees
From: Vivian Fernandez
Vice President Faculty and Staff Resources
Subject: Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

As part of the university’s commitment to promote a healthy and safe campus environment, I am pleased to announce the establishment of an Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy for university employees.

The policy is designed to help ensure the safety and well being of all Rutgers employees. It sets forth individual employee responsibilities associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs during working hours or while serving in an official capacity, and defines the role of supervisors in addressing policy violations. The document also explains issues related to compliance with federal law and state statutes, as well as the consequences associated with improper use of alcohol or controlled substances. Additionally, the policy references available resources for employees seeking assistance.

All university employees should familiarize themselves with the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, which can be found online. If you need additional information or clarification regarding this policy, contact your campus human resources office or the Office of Labor Relations at 732-932-3020, ext 4040.