Rutgers University Human Resources (UHR) will assist departments in filling temporary employment needs under certain circumstances:

  • Temporary absences of regular employees due to vacation or leaves;
  • During the recruitment of vacant positions;
  • When additional help is needed during peak or seasonal time periods.

Temporary staff will be hired as Class 3 or Class 4 employees.

In order to create and fill a new Class 3 or Class 4 position, the hiring unit submit a position description request in Recruitment, Onboarding, and Classification System (ROCS). The form will be evaluated by an Employment Coordinator to determine the appropriate classification. Refer to the Class 3 and Class 4 employees’ website for more information on centralized monitoring and approval; classification and hiring requirements; and benefits and time off eligibility.

Please note -- For security purposes, the administrative login for the Recruitment, Onboarding, and Classification System (ROCS) requires users to log in from a computer or other device on a trusted Rutgers network.  If you would like to use this application from outside the Rutgers IT infrastructure, you will need to first connect to a virtual private network (VPN) service. You can do so by visiting the Office of Information Technology (OIT)’s VPN tool at Contact the OIT helpdesk if you require assistance in setting up a secure VPN into the Rutgers network.

For assistance in finding a candidate to fill the temporary appointment, the hiring authority should contact a UHR Employment Coordinator. Pay rates may be discussed with an Employment Coordinator at 848-932-3869 prior to completion of the form. Once the form is submitted, you will receive an automated reply email to confirm your request was received. The Employment Coordinator will work closely with your department to gather additional information and locate suitable qualified applicants.