State Health Benefits Program

Under the State Health Benefits Program, eligible employees can participate with the Horizon or Aetna health insurance.  Each carrier offers members a variety of Health and Wellness benefits.


HorizonBlue Health & Wellness offers members a variety of discounts and programs to stay healthy. HorizonBlue Wellness & Discount Programs include:

  • Member discounts
  • Health programs
  • Monthly wellness messages
  • NJ Direct Magazines


Aetna Wellness Programs offer members a variety of programs to stay healthy.  Aetna Wellness Programs include:

  • The Simple Steps to a Healthier Life
  • Aetna Health Connections
  • Aetna Behvioral Health Program
  • Beginning Right Maternity Program

Employee Discounts

Employees are able to receive discounts from thousands of local and national vendors by registering with Abenity.  Abenity also provides wellness resources, which include:

  • Discounts
  • Tips & Topics
  • Expert Videos
  • Healthy Recipes

Flexible Spending Accounts

Eligible employees can sign up for one or both of types of available flexible spending accounts. Reimburse yourself with pretax money on eligible medical and/or daycare expenses.

  • Unreimbursed Dependent Care Spending Account
  • Unreimbursed Medical Spending Account

For more information please visit Tax$ave Plans