Vacation Accrual for Legacy UMDNJ Staff Positions

  • Vacation days may be used as they are earned
  • Must be approved and scheduled in advance 
  • Future increases in vacation accrual rates are based on employee classification and length of service
  • Part-time staff earn a prorated amount based on their part-time percentage
  • Employees may carry over up to a one year allotment of vacation time
  • Regular full-time and regular part-time staff members who have completed 90 days of continuous service
  • Please refer to policy for accrual rates

Vacation Accrual for Legacy UMDNJ Faculty Positions

  • Full-time Faculty members are entitled to one month (22 working days) annually
  • Faculty who are less than full-time but at least half-time are entitled to vacation according to the following formula: percent appointment times percent of year employed times 22 working days annually
  • Vacation days are accrued monthly.  Vacation days accrued in one fiscal year must be taken by the close of the following fiscal year or be forfeited
  • Less than half-time faculty are not eligible for vacation time


For additional information, please refer to the Vacation Policy for employees in Legacy UMDNJ positions.