Date: February 11, 2013
To: All  Eligible Faculty and Staff
From: Vivian Fernández
Vice President for Faculty & Staff Resources
Re: Changes In How Employees Receive Vision Care Plan Reimbursements

University Human Resources and Payroll Services are pleased to announce that a new Vision Care reimbursement process is being implemented.  Vision Care reimbursements will now be included in an employee’s paycheck.

Currently employees receive a separate reimbursement check for Vision Care expenses.  Effective February 15, 2013, employees will receive their reimbursement through either direct deposit, if enrolled, or in their biweekly paycheck.  This reimbursement will have a payroll code of “VisionReim” on the paystub and will not be subject to taxes or pension calculations.  For more information about the Vision Care Reimbursement Plan, go to

Please contact Payroll Services at 848-445-2113 with any questions about this new process.