Click Here Then Click "Workplace Communications" to Register for Communicator Certificate, Then Enroll in the CCP Labeled Programs.

The Communicator Certificate Program (CCP) is open to all Rutgers University faculty and staff (Rutgers full-time employees only).  The program is a collaboration of University Communications and Marketing (UCM), University Human Resources (UHR), and a number of other Rutgers university departments. The program supports professional development and enrichment and provides numerous opportunities for networking and sharing resources with colleagues. Presented by subject matter experts, the program ensures that employees responsible for promoting the university develop the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively:

  • Understand the appropriate use of the Rutgers University identity and ensure consistent university messaging
  • Develop and implement communication and marketing plans
  • Identify, manage, and maximize the use of Rutgers communication resources
  • Enhance technical skills

Program Requirements

The Communicator Certificate Program requires you to complete six foundation courses and at least three elective courses within 18 months of the date your first course is completed. Each program is presented in a single, three hour session. There is no charge to you or your department for the programs.  You may choose additional elective courses for targeted information about particular areas of responsibility.  See specific information about sessions that count toward the certificate in the "Courses" section below.

All Rutgers employees involved in communications are encouraged to attend these classes as needed, even if they do not wish to complete the whole certificate.  Employees who wish to complete the whole certifcate must: Enroll in the certificate program; track their own progress; and alert Learning and Development once they have completed all requirements to receive a Certificate of Completion.  Once completed the Communicator Certificate Program will be marked finished and stay in their transcript to show the achievement.  

Enroll in the program by logging in with your NetID, then choosing the Workplace Communications category. To enroll in the certificate program, click on the Communicator Certificate Program and add your name.  Then enroll in the required programs that fit your schedule.  Remember you have 18 months to complete the certificate.  Once you have completed the requirements contact our offices for confirmation and a certificate will be issued.  If you have any problems with registering, please contact us at 732-235-9506 or 9500 for assistance. 


Foundation Courses

To earn the certificate, you must complete all of the six courses listed in this section. To view course descriptions, visit our program page and select the Workplace Communication category and mouse over the titles.  Clicking on the titles will allow you to see more detail and register.  Only courses marked with a "CCP" apply to the certificate program.

  • Understanding the Rutgers University Identity
  • Communication Policies and Guidelines
  • Communication Resources
  • Defining and Serving Today's Audiences
  • Developing a Communications Plan
  • Media Relations

Elective Courses

To earn the certificate, you must complete any three of the courses listed in this section. Only courses marked with a "CCP" apply to the certificate program.

    • Communicating With Video
    • Design Basics
    • Electronic Communications
    • Making Data-driven Decisions with Google Analytics
    • Photography Basics
    • Planning Special Events
    • Powerful Presentations: Developing Content and Materials
    • Powerful Presentations: Public Speaking Skills
    • Proofreading and Editing Using the Rutgers Editorial Style Guide
    • Social Media
    • Using Campus Resources to Promote Departmental Events and Activities
    • Writing and Design for the Web