The HR Consultants are available to assist departmental leaders and their units in a wide variety of human resource issues including staff classification and compensation for the university as well as advising managers on issues regarding interpretation of university policies and procedures, state and federal laws, and performance management issues. In their role as strategic partners in the hiring, compensation and classification process at Rutgers, they assist units in achieving better alignment and moving towards the fulfillment of their individual unit mission. The Staffing unit, working in conjunction with the HR Consultants, provides direct support to hiring managers who are conducting searches and assists individuals who are seeking employment at Rutgers.

Carolyn Knight-Cole
Associate Vice President of HR Operations
(848) 932-3890
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Consulting Services

The HR Consultants provide consultative client services to the university community in human resources matters and support the HR Consulting Team to include: assisting with policy consultation and advisement, employee relations, compensation and classification, recruitment/staffing and training. They also provide assistance in the investigation and resolution of employee issues, and recommend corrective action and resolution.

Anthony Cross

Senior HR Consultant
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Kevin Jones

Senior HR Consultant
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Elizabeth Matusiak

Acting HR Consultant
(848) 932-9186
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Cynthia G. Haines

Employment Coordinator
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Talent Acquistion Services

Ken Mittra

Director of Talent Acquisition
(848) 932-3854
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Christine Duggan

Talent Acquisition Specialist
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Nadia Crecenzio

Employment Coordinator
(848) 932-9182
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