Date: September 16, 2015
To: Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs 
From: Vivian Fernández
Vice President for Faculty & Staff Resources
Re: FY 2015-2016 Performance Evaluations and Merit Increase Program for Non-Aligned Staff in Legacy UMDNJ Positions

In accordance with the terms articulated in university policy, Rutgers University supervisors are required to conduct yearly performance evaluations for their employees.  The performance evaluation process allows managers and employees to engage in a thoughtful dialogue about the year’s performance and accomplishments, and to define goals and objectives for the coming performance cycle.

Performance evaluations for the performance period commencing 7/1/14 and ending 6/30/15 are due in to University Human Resources (UHR) no later than October 16, 2015.  Please note that information regarding the FY 2015-2016 merit program will be forthcoming.  In order for eligible employees to be considered for the FY 2015-2016 merit salary increase program, a completed evaluation must be on file with UHR and available for audit.

Please note the following guidelines to assist supervisors in the completion of the performance appraisal process for non-aligned legacy UMDNJ employees: 

Applicable University Policy

Legacy UMDNJ Staff Performance Review Table

  • In order to facilitate the process we have developed a chart – the Legacy UMDNJ Staff Performance Review Table – which outlines the various staff employee groups for whom performance appraisals must be completed, the review dates when appraisals should be finalized, and the appropriate appraisal form to use.  This table is available from the Performance Evaluations for Legacy UMDNJ Positions webpage at:

Renamed Forms

  • Please note that in order to align performance appraisal practices, and to clarify appropriate performance appraisal tools, UHR has renamed certain appraisal forms.  Non-aligned employees on the ES salary scale will use the Senior Administrator Performance Appraisal form, except that employees on the ES salary scale who report to UBHC must use the UBHC Competency-Based Appraisal form.

Accessing Forms

Where to Forward Completed Appraisals

  • Completed performance evaluations must be signed by the appraised employee, supervisor, and higher level reviewer(s) as indicated on the form. The signed appraisal forms must be forwarded to Human Resources Data Administration at University Human Resources (UHR), Administrative Services Building II, Cook Campus no later than October 16, 2015.  You may contact Data Administration at (848) 932-3906 with any questions.  Please retain copies for your records. 

Information Sessions

Supervisors may also access information regarding the performance evaluation process information, tools and resources at the Performance Evaluations for Legacy UMDNJ Positions webpage at:

If you have any questions regarding the performance evaluation processes, please contact Kate Immordino at (848) 932-3854, or via email at, or Sonia Robell at (848) 932-3880, or via email at

cc:   Bruce Fehn