Date: April 21, 2011
To: HR Liaisons and Business Managers
From: Vivian Fernández
Vice President Faculty and Staff Resources
Subject: Expanded Faculty Welcome

University Human Resources is expanding the New Faculty Welcome Program. Our intent is to facilitate the transition to Rutgers through a streamlined, automated system of communications including information related to establishment of NetID, email, and library access prior to arrival on campus. The communications will be initiated when the new faculty hire information is entered into the RIAS HCM and Payroll system; therefore, it is imperative that the new hire transaction be entered as soon as you are informed of a new hire. Please note that the new hire information must include a personal email address, as this is the only means available for us to initiate direct communications prior to the assignment of a NetID and Rutgers email account.

Once the hiring transaction has been completed and approved, new faculty will receive a series of emails geared toward welcoming them to Rutgers and providing relevant information and resources to assist in the navigation of our complex structure. The communications will include an email from Dr. Don Smith, Vice President for Information Technology, explaining the process of activating their NetID and Rutgers email account. Subsequently, new faculty will receive a personal welcome from Dr. Phil Furmanski, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, which will include links to his office, the Faculty Handbook, and the Rutgers Gateway for New Faculty website. I will follow up with an email providing detailed information regarding access to university services and resources such as the RUconnection Card, library access, parking permission, and the Faculty Survey.

Our welcome program also includes a new faculty luncheon in late August, at the University Visitor’s Center. This welcome event provides an opportunity for newly hired faculty to meet key university administrators who will be presenting on career relevant topics including research and teaching. We will keep you apprised of plans for this event as they are developed.

Your help in entering complete, accurate, and timely information into the HCM and Payroll system is much appreciated.