What is “Pay-for-Performance”?

  • A vehicle for managing legacy Rutgers employee performance and development.
  • During years where funding is available, the program provides for a performance-based compensation system for non-aligned staff employees in legacy Rutgers Managerial, Professional, Supervisory and Confidential (MPSC) titles and Senior Administrators, and those in legacy UMDNJ non-aligned (non-union) staff and Faculty Administrator positions.  

What is your role in Pay-for-Performance (P4P)?

To be actively involved in the process by:

  • Being aware of relevant unit and university timelines for the process
  • Communicating to your area supervisors and employees relevant information about the process in your unit
  • Clarifying your unit’s standards and measures for performance
  • Knowing when your vice president/chancellor/dean will provide your allocation for your unit
  • During years where salary increase funds are available:
    • Knowing when your vice president/chancellor/dean will provide your allocation for your unit
    • Understanding and being involved in the budget process and allocating resources appropriately
    • Communicating expectations and parameters for performance improvement plans for employees who are not meeting standards
    • Ensuring the maintenance of records at the departmental level
    • Ensuring that facilitators and supervisors attend training and information sessions on Pay-for-Performance.
    • Ensuring cooperation with other areas/supervisors where an employee has a joint appointment, and
    • Being aware of any requests for review from employees and participating in the process when necessary. Ensuring that timelines are met in this regard.

What role does University Human Resources play in Pay-for–Performance?

  • Coordinates the P4P program and related communications
  • Coordinates and provides educational training session and resources for supervisors and area heads
  • Communicates timelines and the accessing of the P4P Online System, utilized in years when there is a salary merit increase included in the P4P program.
  • Provides HR Consulting Services to deans/directors in the facilitation of the Pay-for-Performance process

Roles and Responsibilities

Department University Human Resources
Communicates area timeline and processes to supervisors Provides universitywide communication about annual programs, ratings and timelines
Makes recommendation on rating and increase to vice president/chancellor Manages the P4P Online System
Facilitates appraisal meetings for all nonaligned staff employees in area Educates supervisors on the appraisal process
Communicates overall rating and increases to employees  
Retains original P4P forms with final signatures