Can anyone attend the Business/Accounting Certificate Program?

Yes. The program is open to all employees; however, course information is targeted towards those individuals with business and accounting responsibilities.

Can members of the public attend training programs?

No. Training is provided for current university employees.

Can UHR Professional Development Program Staff present programs for other schools or local business?

No. Services are made available only to university employees.

Does the University Human Resources Professional Development Program provide funds to employees to attend conferences and workshop off campus?

No. Such funding is not made available.

How do I get to the Training Center?

You can go online for directions or call 848-932-3020.

I heard about the Supervisor Development Program. Can I attend?

The Supervisor Development Program is geared towards new supervisors at Rutgers who supervise full-time employees. Individuals are enrolled for a semester-long program focusing areas of leadership, staff development and employee management. If you would like to attend, contact the Professional Development Program via email or at 848-932-3020.

I noticed that the workshop description lists a start time for the session, but no end time. How long is a workshop?

Most workshops will last 3 hours. However, on occasion, they may be a bit shorter or longer. If you need to know the exact length of a workshop, email us and we will provide that information to you.

I signed up for a workshop, and now I can't go. What should I do?

You can sign into the site and go to "My Profile". Once you get to that page, select "My Workshop Schedule". You can then "drop" the workshop you cannot attend.

I understand that Professional Development Program staff provides custom training for departments. Can I request custom training for our student employees?

Unfortunately, the staff is only available for the training of university employees. The staff can help you locate trainers on campus that may be able to meet your student training needs.

Is there a university policy regarding getting permission to attend training programs?

No. However, we do encourage you to speak to your supervisor before enrolling in any programs. All employees need to discuss with their supervisors what workshops might be appropriate and whether they can be spared from the office in order to attend.

Is there are charge for consultations and custom courses for departments?

No. All programs are free.

Who can attend professional development programs offered through University Human Resources?

Any Type 1 employee can participate in programs. RU Foundation Employees and individuals employed jointly by Rutgers an UMDNJ can enroll by emailing us.