After I have taken Family Leave for myself and to care for my newborn child, can I then take time off for vacation?

In any situation, the use of vacation time requires the prior approval of your supervisor.  A return from Family Leave is no different.

After my baby is born, do I need a doctor’s note stating when I can return to work?

Yes, this information must be provided by your physician in writing and submitted to your supervisor.

Do I earn pension credit while I am out on Family Leave?

No, however, PERS members can purchase up to three months pension service credit for medical leave. This is done by completing an Application to Purchase Service Credit via MBOS.  For more information, visit the FAQ - Purchasing Service Credit.

Do I earn vacation and sick time while I am out on unpaid leave?

You do not earn paid time off if you are on unpaid leave during an entire calendar month. You will earn vacation and sick time for any partial month that you received pay from the University which you will be entitled to when you return from the leave.

Does my baby need a Social Security number for my health benefits?

Yes. Many hospitals assist with the process of obtaining a Social Security number for newborns as a courtesy to the new mother. Once you obtain the Social Security number, please complete a State Health Benefits Program application, adding the information.

Does my doctor complete the Certification of Health Care Provider form?

Yes, your supervisor will provide you with a Certification of Health Care Provider form to be completed by your physician.  This form must be filled out completely and returned directly to your supervisor so that FMLA/NJFLA eligibility may be determined.

Does the university allow me to work up to my expected due date?

Generally, yes.

How do I apply for New Jersey Family Leave Insurance (FLI)?

The Family Leave Insurance claim form is available online and can be accessed through the Get A Form webpage. For more information, visit the FAQ webpage.

How do I apply for Temporary Disability Insurance?

Complete a TDI claim form which is available from UHR.  Have your physician complete Part B (Medical Certificate), after your baby is born and then forward the form to your Human Resources Department.

How do I continue my health benefits while I am out on Family Leave?

University Human Resources-Benefits Enrollment will send you a bill to pay for applicable employee premiums for your medical plan. However, you must inform University Human Resources-Benefits Enrollment at 848-932-3020, if you wish to continue dental.

How much will my health benefits cost when I am on Family Leave?

For the first 3 months of Family Leave you will be required to pay the amount that is normally deducted from your paycheck to University Human Resources-Benefits Enrollment. For coverage to continue after the first 3 months you must pay the monthly premium.

I have numerous sick days. Can I use my sick days to stay home after my baby is born and get paid?

Yes, but only during the period that you are unable to work as certified by your physician.

Must I use my vacation, AL and PH days?

You are not required to use these days while caring for yourself or your newborn child.  However, you may use vacation, AL, and/or PH days to continue to receive income from the university concurrently with any FMLA and NJFLA entitlement. Please keep in mind that while using paid time off, you are ineligible for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI).

Should I inform my department that I am requesting family leave to care for my newborn child?

Yes, if you wish to remain home to care for your child after you are able to return to work, you should inform your supervisor that you are requesting to take leave under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA) for child care.  If foreseeable, you should do so at least thirty days in advance.

Should I obtain documentation from my physician specifying how long I can work before my baby is born?

Yes, you must provide your supervisor with the appropriate documentation as requested.

When am I eligible for New Jersey Family Leave Insurance (FLI)?

You may be eligible under a variety of conditions. Visit the Family Leave Insurance FAQ page for additional information.

When am I eligible for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)?

You may be eligible after you have used all of your university sick days and are still considered unable to work as documented by your physician.

When do I add my baby to my health benefits?

Within 30 days of the birth of the child, by completing a State Health Benefits Program Medical Application and the State Health Benefits Program Dental Application.  Return the application to the person in your Human Resources department.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Contact University Human Resources Benefits Specialist at 848-932-3990 or an HR Consultant at 848-932-3020.