How will employees hired on or after June 28, 2011 be affected?

The employee contribution amount will not be phased-in over a four-year period.

How will my medical and prescription employee contribution change?

The Health Benefits reform provision requires all employees in the SHBP to contribute a certain percentage of the medical and/or prescription premiums based on the employees’ level of coverage and annual base contractual salary but not less than 1.5% of their base contractual salary for medical and/or prescription coverage. The amount of the employee medical and/or prescription contribution will be adjusted as employees receive salary adjustments during the year. For employees covered in a SHBP plan before June 28, 2011, the employee contribution amount will be phased-in over a four-year period.

When does the plan year start for the employee contribution structure that will be phased in over 4-years?

The first plan year started on July 1, 2011, the second plan year started July 1, 2012, the third plan year started July 1, 2013 and the fourth plan year started July 1, 2014.

When will the new employee contributions become effective?

The new employee contributions are effective immediately. However, the legislation allows a grace period for employers to modify their payroll systems to adhere to the new employee contribution structure. Rutgers University anticipates that the new employee contributions will be taken on January 1, 2012.

Where can I view the percentage of contribution amounts and the current SHBP insurance premium schedule?

SHBP Health Benefits Contribution Charts for Employees enrolled in the SHBP plan before June 28, 2011:

Will new health plans be added to the State Health Benefits Program (SHBP)?

Yes, the NJ Division of Pensions and Benefits formed a committee to oversee the SHBP. The committee was charged with determining and designing the plans that will are offered by the SHBP. The new plan offerings were available during the fall (October 2011) Open Enrollment period. The effective date of coverage in these new plans was January 1, 2012.

Will the employee insurance contribution be made on a pre-tax basis?

Yes, the employee insurance contribution will continue to be taken on a pre-tax basis and included in the Tax$ave plan.