Programs available for registration on the UHR Course Registration System (CRS) include: UHR Management and Professional Development programs; Global Ally and Communicator Certificate programs; Supervisor Essentials Certificate Programs; Self-Study Toolkits and Online Presentations; and UHR Benefit programs for Faculty and Staff. There is no fee associated with programs registered on this site.

This site also hosts sessions for Rutgers business processes when offered such as: Effort Reporting; Hiring Foreign Nationals; P4P and SCP Information Sessions; I-9 sessions and HCM Template-Based Hire Process Review Sessions.

Click Here: UHR's Course Registration System (CRS) to see Current Offerings, and access a wide variety of Self-study Resources. Click into the Categories and mouse over titles to see the brief descriptions. A green check mark indicates sessions are scheduled. Click on the title to see the full description and open enrollment dates. Click the top of the page under My Profile to view your transcript; enroll or drop a session. 

The Management Development Curriculum (PDF) provides a list of programs offered by UHR Learning and Development. Program focus ranges from the aspiring supervisor to considerations for the experienced director. Use this open self-directed, tiered approach for your own development planning.  

The Supervisor Essentials Certificate Program (SECP) (PDF) focuses on skills all managers and supervisors need to successful in their role at the university. Learn about regulations and policies regarding FLMA, Progressive Disipline and Accomodations along with leadership styles, communicating and coaching techniques to best develop your team.  You must be in a Supervisor or Manager role before enrolling. Click the link to see the class requirements. **Sign up for RME499 to track your certificate progress and then each SECP class as it fits your schedule.

The Communicator Certificate Program (CCP) (PDF) partners with Communications, Marketing and Media, to standardize and bring continuity to Rutgers messaging across the campuses. Click the link to see certificate requirements outlined.  **Sign up for the certificate tracking class: RPE900 to be notified when classes are posted again.

The Global Ally Certificate Program (GAC) (PDF) The Global Ally Certificate Program is a new educational initiative designed to ensure that Rutgers employees responsible for assisting with international activities and/or for providing services to the Rutgers international community (students, faculty, and scholars) develop essential competencies. This certificate program is a collaboration between Rutgers Global, University Human Resources, and several other Rutgers units. **Sign up for the certificate tracking class: RGA000 and each GAC class as if fits your schedule.

Links to Other Rutgers Training Providers - including faculty development, leadership, computer classes, life long learning, etc.