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Upcoming Workshops

The current listing of all free programs on the Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick campuses is posted on our calendar. Check our calendar regularly as new classes continue to be added to our offerings. We appreciate ideas you have for new workshop topics. You can enroll for all workshops online.In case of incelemnt weather, please visit our webpage on Workshop Cancellations.

The Information Technology Certificamte Program

The Information Technology Certificamte Program has satisfied the needs of existing university staff and will be phased out over the next year. Those currently enrolled will be able to complete their certificate requirements. Individual open enrollment workshops in a variety of Information Technology topics will continue to be offered.

RIAS Phase II Training

The RIAS Phase II team is preparing training materials and will conduct both online and classroom training sessions. The goal is to provide training as close to the system implementation as possible. There will be announcements in the near future, broadcasting the training dates and posting of all training material to the RIAS website. For more information visit the RIAS website.

Professional Development Resource

Does your department have specific issues it would like to address through professional development? Free custom programming is available to help your unit manage its multifarious needs. Recent custom requests have included team building, organizational skills, project management, and writing refresher training. Any one or more of the topic areas offered through our program can be customized for your department. For more information about custom training, call the Professional Development Program at 732-932-3020, ext. 4070 or email us.

Leadership Tip

Recognize Colleagues and Employees

How do you feel when someone acknowledges a skill you have or some work that you’ve done? The vast majority of people think it feels good to be valued by others through special notice and attention. Use the PRAISE model to recognize your colleagues and employees.

  1. Praise minor and major accomplishments. Often the former lead directly to the latter, but are not properly acknowledged. Remember to praise people “behind the scenes” as well.
  2. Recognize special efforts and contributions at all levels. Thank colleagues, employees, and your supervisors for their efforts on your behalf or on behalf of your unit.
  3. Acknowledge contributions quickly so that good feelings are linked closely to actions.
  4. Insist that credit for work and goal attainment is shared by everyone involved.
  5. Specifically explain what skills, behaviors, or actions you are recognizing. This makes the recognition more sincere
  6. Express your appreciation publicly. Use formal recognition programs to give weight to your own acknowledgements.

For specific information on formal university recognition programs and tips for informal recognition methods visit our Employee Recognition web page

A Good Read

Corporate MVPs: Managing Your Company's Most Valuable Performers
By: Margaret Butteriss and Bill Roiter

What makes employees really interested in their work? What are the characteristics of high performing employees? What opportunities are available to you in becoming an “MVP" in your organization? These questions and many others are explored by the authors in this book. Although written with the business sector in mind, it is applicable to supervisors and managers in higher education. The authors outline common characteristics of MVPs including that they are motivated by intrinsic passion, they always want to succeed and not fail, they show moral courage, they are committed to the values and vision of the organization, and they earn the respect of their colleagues. The book provides concrete and useful tips on how managers can identify and groom MVPs. Handy checklists, resources, and assessments are also available in the highly useful book. 243 pages

Check This Out

The President’s Recognition Program honors outstanding staff achievements. Each year those nominated for awards are recognized for their accomplishments at a campuswide event in October. From this group, individuals and teams are selected as award recipients based on their extraordinary service and contributions to the university. Awards are presented in two categories, Excellence in Service Awards for those nominated individually, and Bridge Awards for small teams. Anyone currently affiliated with Rutgers - faculty, staff, alumni, or students - may nominate staff members for either an Excellence in Service or Bridge Award. For more information about the program and to obtain nomination forms, browse the President's Recognition Program website.

Service Tip

Normally we expect those who provide service to us to make us feel special. We expect them to say, “Thanks for your business.” The reverse can also be a powerful way to cement the service relationship. Behavior that is recognized is often behavior that is repeated. So, go ahead and acknowledge that the response you got was speedy, that the data you received was totally accurate, that the quality of the goods delivered was better than expected. Praise your service providers – your colleagues, contacts in other departments, or vendors -  and it’s more likely that the quality of service you receive will remain and/or rise to top notch.

Make your service interactions count!


“The sweetest of all sounds is praise." - Xenophon