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Upcoming Workshops

The following is just a small sampling of workshop offerings. Those with a “C” in the title apply toward a certificate program. The current listing of all free programs on the Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick campuses is posted on our calendar. You can enroll for all workshops online.


26 Saving & Investing Seminar for PERS Participants (NK)
Benefit Seminars
27 Administrative Resources for IT Support Staff (C)
Information Technology
29 Transitioning to Outlook (NK)
Information Technology


3 Print Publications (C)
Communications Enhancement
4 Design Basics (C) (NK)
Communications Enhancement
4 Understanding Social Security and Medicare
Benefits Seminars
5 Knowledge Management I: Getting Started
Knowledge Management
12 Managing Your Time and Multiple Priorities
General Programs
18 Communication Guidelines and Policies (C)
Communication Enhancement

Location, location, location

To accommodate strong interest in some of our workshops, we have made a number of location changes for fall. We may continue to change rooms to increase seating.

Some of you use your original confirmations as reminders, so you will have the original room locations. Automatic confirmations and other email are sometimes not received. We want to ensure you end up in the right place.

Please go online to double check the location of any workshop you plan to attend the day before the session to ensure you have to correct campus and room. You can do this easily via our calendar link.

Professional Development Resource

The English Department's Writers at Rutgers Readers Series program is an outstanding program open to the university community and gives avid readers and aspiring authors a chance to hear from the experts. Award-winning author Joyce Carol Oates will be visiting campus on Monday, November 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of the Rutgers Student Center (126 College Avenue) as part of this series. Due to the generosity of members of the Class of 1970, Ms. Oates's reading is additionally being presented as the Class of 1970 Lecture. To read more about upcoming programs and the Writers at Rutgers Reading Series, please visit or call 732-932-7633.

Leadership Tip

A strong leader uses their communications skills to insure that all employees effected by their decisions are kept in the no. Ooops, did you catch all the errors? Let’s try again. A strong leader uses her communication skills to ensure that all employees affected by her decisions are kept in the know. Good grammar, proper language, and attention to proofreading ensures that leaders are credible when they speak and write. Spelling errors, misplaced modifiers, and incorrect wording can sometimes be funny, but also lead to liability. When the supervisor reprimanded his employee for “tartyness,” what behavior was he really trying to correct? Enhance your grammar, writing, and editing skills through professional development. Also, make sure your most important messages are absolutely correct by using a “writing buddy” to check your work before it’s released.

A Good Read

First, Break All the Rules (What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently)
By Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, 267 pages

The Gallup Organization is well-known for its polls and surveys. The authors, both Gallup employees, based this book on findings from two massive research studies done with over a million employees in a broad range of companies, industries, and countries. This is not a dry recount of statistical information. Rather it is an easy-to-read, practical look at how managers at any level, frontline to executive, can turn employee talents into peak performance. Companies try to attract and keep the best employees with good pay, benefits, professional development, and promotions. The research discovered that it is an employee’s manager who is key to that person’s performance, engagement, and satisfaction. The book provides “four keys” all managers can use to be more effective.  

Check This Out

Making The World Happier: One Smile at a Time

Looking for an interesting a unique perspective on leadership, management, and life at work? The HUMOR Project ( ), Inc. is an organization that focuses full-time on the positive power of humor. Their mission is to make a difference by being a unique, pioneering, and cutting-edge organization that touches the lives of individuals, organizations, and nations. The Humor Project seeks to help people get more smileage out of their lives and jobs by applying the practical, positive power of humor and creativity. Visit the Humor Project website for tips, article, and humor resources.

Service Tip

Train your student employees as intensely as your regular employees in how to greet clients in person and on the telephone. Remember, that student may be a part-timer for just one semester, but to the client who is making the first contact with your department, that student IS your department. Provide a thorough orientation that includes information such as how to identify the department, a list of important contact and referral numbers, a list of important persons in your department, an organization chart, etc. A good resource is the Welcome and Orientation Toolkit found at
Make your service interactions count!


“Instead of working for the survival of the fittest, we should be working for the survival of the wittiest; then we can all die laughing."   Lily Tomlin