The Employment Services staff is responsible for providing key support to legacy UMDNJ units in terms of the hiring, onboarding, processing and general human resources functions for employees in legacy UMDNJ units.

Carolyn Knight-Cole
Associate Vice President of HR Operations
(848) 932-3890
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The Newark HR Employment Services Staff is located in the Administrative Complex (ADMC) 1, 30 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07107, fax (973) 972-2866.

Linda Groce

Manager, Employment Services
(973) 972-5977
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Mary Pissalidis

Senior Human Resources Generalist
(973) 972-6046
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Ramona White

Senior Human Resources Generalist
(973) 972-6744
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Charles Gist

Human Resources Generalist
(973) 972-9387
Email Charles Gist

Annette Ojeda

Human Resources Generalist
(973) 972-1912
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Stephanie G. Plaskow

Human Resources Generalist
(973) 972-1628
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Sonia Sousa

Human Resources Generalist
(973) 972-6040
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Denise Nunez

Human Resources Representative
(973) 972-6768
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New Brunswick / Piscataway

The New Brunswick / Piscataway HR Employment Services Staff is located at Liberty Plaza, Suite 1300, 335 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. You can reach them by phone at (732) 235-9401, or via fax at (732) 235-8301.

Ashley Lofton

Manager, Employment Services
(732) 235-9406
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Adriana Firenzuoli

Senior Human Resources Generalist
(732) 235-2824
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Adrienne Bell

Human Resources Generalist
(732) 235-9402
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Hadiyah Sellers

Human Resources Generalist
(732) 235-5718
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Jennifer Paradiso

Human Resources Generalist
(732) 235-4290
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So Yun Park

Acting Human Resources Generalist
(732) 235-9409
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