Date: July 1, 2014
To: Rutgers Employees in legacy UMDNJ positions
From: Vivian Fernández
Vice President for Faculty & Staff Resources
Re: UHR Staffing Changes in Office of Workplace Diversity

I am writing to announce the consolidation of legacy UMDNJ and legacy Rutgers human resource functions related to the Office of Workplace Diversity.  Effective July 1, 2014, the functions of the Office of Workplace Diversity will be fully absorbed by the Office of Employment Equity, under the leadership of Ms. Lisa Grosskreutz.  

After over 25 years of service at UMDNJ, Catherine M. Bolder, Executive Director of Workplace Diversity, announced her retirement effective July 1, 2014.  We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Lisa Grosskreutz, having most recently served as the Associate Director for the Office of Employment Equity, has been named Director of Employment Equity, overseeing all facets of University Human Resources’ (UHR’s) employment equity, affirmative action, accommodation, and workplace diversity programs across the entire university system.  Lisa has been with the university since 2012, having overseen the investigatory and accommodation components of UHR’s employment equity operations.  Previously, she worked as an employment and labor law attorney with the firm Parker McCay.

In addition to administering the university’s affirmative action plan and employment equity policies, Ms. Grosskreutz and the Office of Employment Equity are also responsible for:

  • investigating complaints of discrimination and harassment against staff and faculty,
  • reviewing and facilitating accommodation requests for individuals with disabilities or individuals with strongly-held religious convictions, and 
  • administering the online training program regarding the prevention of discrimination and unlawful harassment.

In order to ensure that your inquiry reaches the appropriate person within the Office of Employment Equity, please direct questions or requests as follows:

  • Request for an accommodation for religious reasons or for an individual with a disability – Daniel McCabe, Disabilities Specialist; tel: (848) 932-3974; email:
  • Question about the Unlawful Harassment Training Module or VICAR and Attachment H forms for RBHS Faculty and Staff – Marie Ann Arcuri, Human Resources Assistant; tel: (848) 932-3973; email:
  • Request for an investigation into an incident involving discrimination or harassment – Jennifer Hellstern, Investigation and Resolution Specialist; tel: (848) 932-3953; email:
  • All other questions or concerns regarding employment equity and affirmative action policies and procedures should be directed to Lisa Grosskreutz, Director of Employment Equity and Workplace Diversity; tel: (848) 932-3980; email:

Please join me in thanking Catherine Bolder for her years of service to the university, and in congratulating Lisa Grosskreutz on her new position within UHR.