[  ] Be prepared – know the objectives and goals of the meeting. 

[  ] Time and Place – choose a quiet, private spot with as few interruptions as possible.

[  ] Conducting the appraisal: 

  • Create a positive environment and help the employee feel at ease;
  • Give balanced feedback, both positive and negative, but start with the positive;
  • Focus on the job, not the person;
  • Ask questions and allow the employee to provide feedback;
  • When discussing areas for improvement, discuss methods and objectives for improving;
  • Discuss possibilities for advancement, the employee’s aspirations and professional development necessary to be a candidate for such future positions. 

[  ] Conclusion: 

  • Summarize and review the important points of the discussion;
  • Restate the action steps that have been recommended and provide a timeframe for completion;
  • Make sure the employee reviews the appraisal and provides comments;
  • Have employee sign it to acknowledge that he or she has read it (does not signify agreement with the content) 

[  ] Follow-up: 

  • Follow up with the employee to see how plans are proceeding within the given timeframes;
  • Offer the employee assistance in achieving objectives and encourage discussion of successes and obstacles.