The Office of Labor Relations (OLR) supports the University community by advancing collegial relations between Staff and Management. To this end, the Office of Labor Relations employs a focused, dedicated professional staff with responsibility for:

  • Negotiating, administering and interpreting the collectively negotiated agreements with all staff labor unions;
  • Providing sound advice with respect to interpretation and application of certain University policies;
  • Providing support and training to supervisors with respect to discipline;
  • Administering the grievance process. OLR manages the scheduling of grievance hearings. OLR also provides guidance to supervisors on how to present information and preside over hearings during the grievance process;
  • Serving as hearing officers in grievances;
  • Facilitating Labor/Management meetings between departments and staff unions;
  • Facilitating compliance with certain Federal and State laws related to employment.
  • Administering the University Policy Prohibiting Workplace Violence (60.1.13).