In order to comply with the federal government's mandate regarding I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, Rutgers University has designated certain individuals as "I-9 Preparers," meaning that they have authorization and access rights in the Guardian I-9 system to complete I-9 verification for new, prospective or existing employees on behalf of the university.  Before an employee can serve in the role of I-9 Preparer, however, they must complete an access request form and submit it to University Human Resources (UHR) for processing.

You can review the I-9 Access Request Form by clicking here.

Instructions for Completing the I-9 Access Request Form

Prior to submitting an Application:

In order to be granted access to Rutgers systems, employees must meet certain prerequisites.  Employees seeking access to serve as an I-9 Preparer must:

All three conditions must be met in order for UHR to process an employee's I-9 Access Request Form.

I-9 Access Request Form, Section I: Applicant Information

All fields in this section must be completed in order for the employee's I-9 Access Request Form to be processed.  Failure to enter data in any of the fields in this section may result in a delay or denial in processing as UHR staff must submit all information to the Guardian I-9 system.  Please type or print clearly in the fields in this section to avoid errors in data input.

I-9 Access Request Form, Section II: Access Request

In this section, please select the type of access being requested.  The options for access request are:

  • New – access does not currently exist
  • Add To Current Access – add additional dept id access
  • Replace Existing – remove all current accesses and replace with new dept id access
  • Remove All – all accesses and roles will be deleted.  Section 3 should be completed by the applicant and other approval level employees.
  • Terminated – managers should select this option if submitting a request for an individual who has terminated employment at the University.  Section 3 should be completed by the appropriate approval level employees.

Below the type of access, please list all department identification codes (5-digit code) for which access changes will apply.  Please check either "Add" or "Delete" on the appropriate line next to each department ID.  A separate list of department identification codes may be attached if additional space is required.

I-9 Access Request Form, Section III: Applicant Review and Approvals

Applicants requesting access to the Guardian I-9 system must read and accept the Basic Expectations for Electronic I-9/E-Verify Preparers (page 2 of the I-9 Access Request Form) and accept the online Agreement for Accessing University Information.  Signing this section of the form confirms that the employee has read and accepts these responsibilities.  Employees seeking access to the Guardian I-9 system will also be expected to complete system user training.

All requests for access must be reviewed and approved by the applicant’s Business Manager, if applicable.  The review and approval of the Department Chair, Director or the Associate/Instructional Dean is required.  Authority to access specific administrative data must also come from the appropriate Business Process owner(s) responsible for the data.

Requests will not be processed without all appropriate signatures.

Submitting Completed I-9 Access Request Form for Processing

Once the I-9 Access Request Form has been completed and all appropriate signatures have been collected, employees should forward the completed forms to:

University Human Resources
Administrative Services Building II
Cook Campus
57 U.S. Highway 1
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Completed forms may also be faxed to (732) 932-0046.