Date: April 1, 2010
To: Faculty and Staff
From: Vivian Fernandez
Vice President Faculty and Staff Resources
Subject: University to implement online I-9/E-Verify system

In the coming months, University Human Resources will be implementing an online
I-9/E-Verify system to use in conjunction with the hiring of new employees. Implementation of the system ensures that the university is compliant with federal laws and requirements from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA). The system will provide many benefits including:

  • instituting a paperless process that eliminates errors in I-9 processing;
  • providing a seamless integration with the DHS’s E-Verify system;
  • allowing the university to respond to newly mandated SSA no-match letters by providing date letters and follow up protocols.

Implementation of the system will modify departmental hiring protocols. Towards that end, the Newark Campus has agreed to serve as our pilot in April to test I-9/E-Verify system processes and protocols. The system will be implemented university wide in July and at that time, online and classroom-based training will be provided for departmental staff who process employment paperwork.

University Human Resources looks forward to implementing the new I-9/E-Verify system. As we progress with the implementation, I will keep you apprised of our progress.