Date: November 26, 2013
To: All Legacy UMDNJ Staff and Faculty
From: Vivian Fernández
Vice President for Faculty & Staff Resources
Re: Vacation Carryover Information for legacy UMDNJ Staff and Faculty

Pursuant to the University’s Vacation policy (60.9.43), legacy UMDNJ Staff members may carry over a maximum of one (1) year of earned vacation accruals into the next calendar year. Vacation accruals above this maximum will be forfeited unless an exception to policy is approved based upon the business needs of the unit.  Such exceptions must be requested in writing to include the justification for the exception request, and receive decanal, Vice Chancellor or Chief Executive Officer authorization prior to submission to UHR for approval. Please send all requests to If the carry over is approved, the employee will be permitted to carry over the excess vacation time; however, it must be used by June 30, 2014 or forfeited.  

Legacy UMDNJ Faculty members should be governed by the language in the Faculty Handbook regarding carry over and forfeitures

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources representative.