As the state university of New Jersey, Rutgers is committed to serving the public. The university, through the efforts of its staff and faculty, supports community programs, serves as an advocate on issues regarding improved health, and contributes to the well-being of New Jersey residents and individuals across the country. With this in mind, employees are encouraged to participate in organ donation programs.

Organ transplants save thousands of lives each year, yet there are still thousands of people in New Jersey and across the nation who are in need of transplants. More than 4,000 people in New Jersey are currently waiting for an organ transplant. The reason for the shortage of organs is that many people do not properly declare their wishes to donate. Through the information on this webpage, you can learn about organ donation and declare yourself a donor. If you are unsure about donation and would like more information, you can read about organ donation myths and misconceptions.

Did You Know . . .

  • There are close to 100,000 people across the country currently on waiting lists for organ transplants?
  • A name is added to the waiting list every twenty minutes?
  • Even though a Gallup survey shows that a majority of Americans are now more receptive to organ donation than five years ago, only 52% have talked with their families, expressing their wishes for donation?
  • Since its inception in 1987, the New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network has more than quadrupled the total number of organs recovered statewide?
  • One individual can provide organs, bone, and tissues for 75 or more people in need?
  • An estimated 700,000 Americans receive transplanted bone, tendon, and ligament tissue each year?