Am I eligible for the State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) as a part-time employee?

There is a two-month waiting period following the eligibility date before the part-time (SHBP) health benefits become effective. For example, if a part-time employee becomes eligible to enroll in a state retirement system on September 1 and the part-time employee has completed and submitted the Health Benefits Program Application the part-time SHBP insurance coverage would be effective on November 1.  Visit the FAQ page for additional information and enrollment forms.

If I accept an ABP-eligible position and am already a member of TPAF or PERS, must I waive my benefits under TPAF, PERS, or ABP and enroll in ABP or PERS as a result of that employment?

No. A current TPAF or PERS member may leave an existing TPAF or PERS account intact and enroll in a separate ABP account. Nothing prevents the TPAF or PERS member from leaving the TPAF or PERS account open in a non-contributory state; perhaps with the expectation of returning to TPAF- or PERS-eligible employment before that retirement account expires in two years as a result of inactivity. However, a part-time lecturer must make this election within 30 days of beginning employment in an ABP-eligible position or lose the ability to do so.

Individuals may need to keep a TPAF or PERS account open and enroll in ABP.  This is required if the individual continues to render service through employment in a TPAF- or PERS-eligible position.

If I already retired out of a position covered by PERS or ABP do I have to re-enroll in the retirement system?

If you have already retired out of a State of New Jersey retirement system you are not eligible to re-enroll in the system.

Is the salary paid to part-time lecturers for teaching in winter or summer session pensionable for ABP?

Under the Alternate Benefits Program (ABP), part-time lecturers are considered 10-month employees. Salary is reportable and service will be accrued for teaching during the spring and fall semesters only. Six months of service credit is earned for teaching a minimum of one 3-credit hour course for the full semester. Teaching assignments outside of the spring or fall semesters or below the minimum will not accrue ABP service credit and related salary is not pensionable.

Salary is only pensionable for the spring and fall semesters for part-time lecturers in PERS as well.

What action is required to select a different ABP investment carrier and designate a beneficiary?

To change investment carriers and/or to designate a beneficiary, complete the following forms:

Return your completed forms, within ten days of your retirement plan eligibility, to:

OneSource Service Center
University Human Resources
ASB II, Cook campus

What is required to enroll part-time lecturers whose most recent employment agreement began on or after November 1, 2008 in the Alternate Benefit Program (ABP)?

Part-time lecturers whose most recent employment agreement began on or after November 1, 2008 will be automatically enrolled in the ABP plan. The ABP employee and employer contributions will be invested with AIG Retirement, the default carrier, in a money market fund. The ABP participant’s estate will be designated as the beneficiary. The part-time lecturer may contact Prudential to reallocate funds and designate a beneficiary after his or her ABP account has been established.

What is the impact of the pension reform legislation?

As a result of pension reform legislation Chapter 89, P.L. 2008, all part-time lecturers whose most recent employment agreement began on or after November 1, 2008 are eligible to participate in the Alternate Benefit Program (ABP).

Where can I obtain more information?

Contact the OneSource Rutgers Faculty and Staff Service Center at 732-745-SERV (7378). 

Who are the seven state-approved investment carriers?

The investment carriers are listed below:

You may contact the investment carriers via their websites or by phone. Investment carrier representatives are available to meet with you to answer questions and provide assistance. View the list of investment carrier representatives for contact information by campus.

Will part-time lecturers still have the waiting period before they are eligible for the pension plan?

No. Alternate Benefit Program (ABP) enrollment of part-time lecturers will occur within 30 days of the start of employment, rather than at the beginning of the third consecutive semester as was stipulated under previous law.