December 05, 2017

As part of its efforts to achieve efficiencies, streamline processes and align policies, University Human Resources is pleased to announce that the adverse weather and emergency curtailment of operations Policies 60.3.16 and 60.9.58 have been combined into a new policy.

The new policy, entitled Adverse Weather and Emergency Curtailment of Operations (Policy 60.1.29), provides for simplified operating statuses in response to adverse weather conditions and provides for a methodology in responding to curtailment of operations for reasons other than adverse weather.

Highlights from the new policy include the following:

  1. The simplification of operating status declaration during weather events to:
    1. Delayed Opening – when weather conditions are such that it is necessary to delay the start of the normal business day to prepare facilities to receive faculty, students and staff;
    2. Closure – Weather Emergency – when a period of adverse and hazardous weather conditions is such that the university or a major campus is closed.
  2. The inclusion of a section providing for closure due to an emergency or a catastrophic event or situation unrelated to a weather event.
  3. The continuation of the prior requirement that employees designated as Essential Services Personnel must report for work, unless otherwise directed not to, during the declaration of a delayed opening, closure due to a weather emergency and closure during a catastrophic event or situation emergency unrelated to weather.
  4. Provisions regarding the cancellation of classes and the reporting requirements for employees.
  5. Attendance requirements and compensation schedules set forth in two accompanying appendices.

It is important to note that individual employees should contact their supervisors to learn more about their departmental and unit processes for identifying employees as Essential Services Employees, for reporting requirements, for notification of operating status, for call out procedures and other such information.

A copy of the new, aligned policy is available on the University policy library website at  

If you have any questions regarding Policy 60.1.29, please contact the Office of Labor Relations at 848-932-3400.