Eligible non-aligned employees in legacy Rutgers Managerial, Professional, Supervisory and Confidential (MPSC) titles and senior administrators, and those in legacy UMDNJ non-aligned (non-union) staff and Faculty Administrator positions, participate in the university’s Pay-for-Performance Program (P4P). This program has two major components, the formal annual performance appraisal, and,  during years where funding is available, a merit based compensation plan. Performance management is the key to ensuring that the university’s goals of excellence are maintained by providing an interactive process through which the following are achieved:

  • Clear and measurable performance standards and expectations are established and communicated
  • Structured performance feedback is provided
  • Constructive discussions related to areas in need of improvement are fostered
  • Opportunities for growth and development are provided

While performance management should be an ongoing process throughout the performance year, the formal annual performance appraisal process provides an opportunity to review the past years’ accomplishments, and establish common goals and expectations for the coming performance year.

There is a compensation component to the P4P program, however, this component is subject to funding availability.The compensation component is intended to recognize and reward performance that meets or exceeds the established performance standards.The appraisals are used as the basis for awarding salary increases and performance bonuses, subject to the availability of university funds.

Each year University Human Resources distributes to staff and their supervisors the guidelines and forms necessary to participate in the program. Information sessions and workshops may also be offered to supervisors to assist them in understanding the program and their role in this essential process.

Program Documents: