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Policies & Procedures

Human Resources Policies

You will find information on Universitiy-wide Policies & Procedures as to Benefits availability for qualifying employees.

University Policy Library

The above link will provide you with a compilation of regulations and policies approved by the university’s Board of Governors, the Board of Trustees, and executive officers.  The Library includes board policies and certain academic, administrative, financial, operational, and business policies and procedures.

Ethics at Rutgers

Rutgers, the premier public research university in New Jersey, is a steward of the public trust. As university and public employees we must take care to exhibit the highest ethical standards of conduct in carrying out our duties and to avoid rigorously any conduct that might produce even the appearance of the misuse of our Rutgers positions to further our own personal interests.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Click the link above to find Notice Postings that are in your work area.

Policy and Compliance Guidelines

Link to Policy and Compliance Guidelines for Staff, Employees and Students.