Can I still attend workshops even if I don’t want to enroll in the certificate program?

Employees who are interested in any of the workshops may attend those sessions without enrolling in the certificate program.

How do I get started?

Visit the Professional Development Program website and browse through the workshop listings. Click on the “enroll” button and choose a workshop to start your program. Register for workshops of interest to you as they are offered until you have completed all six foundation and three elective courses.

I completed a course, but I want more information on a specific topic. How can I learn more?

There may be additional information on a specific subject in another foundation course or elective course. Contact the Professional Development Program to assist you in identifying course content and possible electives that will meet your needs.

I want to take as many courses as I can in the shortest amount of time to complete my certificate quickly. Is that a good idea?

We recommend that you pace yourself. You have 18 months to complete the program. We recommend you spread your attendance at workshops out over that time period so that you can learn, absorb, and apply new ideas most effectively.

I’ve noticed courses are offered in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden. May I attend workshops on any campus?

You may attend workshops on any campus on which they are offered. The only requirement is that you register online in advance.

I’ve noticed that several software application courses are listed as electives. Can I take any course on the same subject to fulfill the elective requirement?

Software application workshops have been tailored specifically for the Communicator Certificate Program. Only those workshops marked with a “C” count toward the elective requirement.

I’ve registered for a workshop but cannot attend. What should I do?

You should withdraw from the course by going to your online workshop schedule. You can enroll in the course at a more convenient time.

What are the benefits of completing the Communicator Certificate?

Benefits for attendees include:

  • Credibility that comes from earning a university-sponsored certificate
  • Enhancement of technical skills in areas such as writing, design principles, website development, and software applications
  • Opportunity to network with peers
  • Increased knowledge of available resources to make job easier and more enjoyable

Benefits for department heads and departments include:

  • Increased employee morale through professional development
  • Improved quality of print/web-based publications and marketing pieces
  • Increased knowledge of university resources and best practices for marketing and public relations
  • Development of comprehensive, consistent communication and marketing plans that enhance the department’s image
  • More efficient sharing of resources among departments via networking

Benefits for the university in general include:

  • Presentation of a more consistent image of the university and its units to internal and external constituents
  • Increased consistency in knowledge about and use of the new visual identity system across departments
  • Maximized use of university resources through sharing of ideas and resources
  • Increased employee morale and community building among attendees

What are the requirements for completing the certificate?

Participants must complete the required six foundation courses and at least three elective courses of their choice within a period of 18 months from completion of their initial workshop.

What is the Communicator Certificate Program?

The Communicator Certificate Program (CCP) is a series of workshops that ensures that employees responsible for managing and promoting the university identity develop the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively:

  • Understand the appropriate use of the Rutgers University identity
  • Identify, manage, and maximize the use of Rutgers communication resources
  • Enhance technical skills in areas such as graphic design, website development, and software applications
  • Develop and implement departmental communication and marketing plans

The program is a collaboration among University Human Resources, University Relations, the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research, Mail and Document Services, and Office of Instructional and Research Technology.

Who should attend the Communicator Certificate Program?

The program is targeted at full-time university employees responsible for marketing, promoting, or communicating about their units, programs, or the university overall, but is open to any full-time faculty or staff member interested in better representing the university. Employees newly hired or promoted into external affairs, marketing, or communication positions will be encouraged to enroll in the program.