How confidential are the services at the FSAP?

Counseling and consultations are strictly confidential. Information is not included in employee or personnel records or revealed to supervisors, coworkers, friends, or family without your written consent. Using our service is completely voluntary. However, supervisors are encouraged to recommend our program to staff, especially when it is evident that problems are interfering with job performance. The choice to use our services is completely yours and has no bearing on job security, promotion, or compensation. Click here for more information about our confidentiality policy.

How do I schedule appointments so no one in my unit will know I am going for counseling?

Appointments can be made during lunch hours, breaks, or before or after your scheduled work day. Counselors will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. If you are particularly uneasy about coming to our office, in some cases we will arrange to meet you at a location in which you are more comfortable.

To whom are "referrals" made?

The employee assistance counselor will listen to your concerns and work with you to find the best appropriate care for you. If this care is likely to require a number of sessions or expertise that is not available on campus, the counselor will recommend a mental health provider in a location convenient for you and covered by your health insurance plan. We will provide you with the best referral assistance possible. We have experience with a number of professionals and mental health agencies that work with the Rutgers community on a regular basis.

What kinds of problems can FSAP help me with?

Our counselors can help you with any problem, personal or work related, that is interfering with your contentment and performance at work. This can include problems like dealing with the loss of a loved one, conflict with coworkers or your supervisor, substance abuse, family pressures, or financial difficulties. You can see a more complete list on the services page. If we cannot help you resolve the problem, we will refer you to someone who can.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

If you are in a crisis, please call 848-932-3955 and you will be connected with a staff member immediately. Don't hesitate to call, we're here to help.