In recognition of their service to our country, Rutgers University actively seeks to recruit and employ veterans throughout its workforce.  The brave service members who have served our nation’s interests deserve employment and academic opportunities, once their military service is at an end.  

Rutgers continues its commitment to military veterans in the workplace, ensuring reasonable accommodations for qualified disabled veterans and offering military leave and a family leave program for military spouses who may have to care for a wounded or injured veteran.

Workplace accommodations for staff employees who are disabled veterans is administered through the Office of Employment Equity. For more information, please visit the OEE Website for Disability Accommodations.

To self-identify as a protected veteran, kindly complete the Invitation to Voluntarily Self-Identify as a Protected Veteran form and submit it to the Office of Employment Equity.

If you have any questions about the employment of veterans at Rutgers, please contact the Office of Employment Equity at (848) 932-3973.