Compensation Services is responsible for the classification and salary benchmarking of jobs for legacy UMDNJ positions.  This unit works with representatives in schools, departments and units to develop job descriptions that serve to reflect a position's responsibilities as well as the needs of the school, department or unit.

Carolyn Knight-Cole
Associate Vice President of HR Operations
(848) 932-3890
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Compensation Services is located at Liberty Plaza, Suite 1300, 335 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.  They can be reached at phone - (973) 972-4845; fax - (732) 235-9424.

Joycelyn Johnson-Williams
Director, Human Capital Management (HCM)
(732) 235-9412
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Delzal Moss
Manager, Compensation Services
(973) 972-4845
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Donald W. Cruger

Senior Compensation Services Associate
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Azeez Oloko

Senior Compensation Services Associate
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Michelle Orta

Senior Compensation Services Associate
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Shelise Doyle

Compensation Services Specialist
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Brenda Williams

Compensation Services Specialist
(973) 972-7050
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Donna Wlodarski

Compensation Services Specialist
(973) 972-2452
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