Aligned Staff Layoff Information (employees that are represented by a union):


Managerial, Professional, Supervisory and Confidential Staff Layoff Information (employees not represented by a union):

  • Notice Period: Please refer to University Policy 60.4.3 or Legacy UMDNJ University Policy 60.9.29 for the specific notification period.


University Human Resources provides employees with the following services:

  • Development of resumes
  • Employment counseling
  • Job search skills & strategy coaching
  • Access to state-wide job-bank


Benefits and Paid-Time Off at Layoff: Employees are entitled to compensation for any unused earned vacation time that remains at the effective date of layoff.  Benefits will end based on the date of lay-off.  COBRA will be extended to employee to continue coverage for a period up to 18 months.

Additional Resources: