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Phase 2 Non-Aligned Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Program for New Participants

This information is for non-aligned employees who are new to the Non-Aligned Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Program or participated in Phase 1 in July 2020 but did not filed an associated Unemployment claim.

Action Required

  • All Non-Aligned Shared Work Furlough Program participants must commence the Program on the week of January 24 and take one furlough day per week until they have completed the total number of furlough days assigned.
  • Employees who are new to the Program or participated in Phase 1 in July 2020 but did not file an associated Unemployment claim should begin filing Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims on Sunday, January 24, 2021.

Information You Should Gather Prior to Completing the Unemployment Application

  • Your start date at Rutgers University
    • Please go to myRutgers portal, My Dashboard, My Paycheck, Compensation History, Salary History. Hire date is the last line of your salary history.
  • Gross earning you have received for the past 12 months - This information may or may not be asked on the application.
    • If employed at Rutgers for the past 12 months, please go to myRutgers portal, My Dashboard, My Paycheck, Compensation History, Salary History. The exact amount will be verified by Unemployment.
    • If employed at Rutgers less than 12 months, please follow the instructions above to estimate gross earnings while at Rutgers and add any other gross earnings in the last 12 months. The exact amount will be verified by Unemployment.
  • Additional information required for the application can be found on the NJDOL’s website here:

Out-of-State Drivers License

  • Participants who do not have a New Jersey Driver’s license, must file your claim via the telephone system to verify your identity. Due to the rise in fraudulent unemployment claims and increased security measures taken by the NJDOL, participants with an out-of-state driver’s license must speak to a live agent. We understand phone lines are extremely busy due to high call volume, but please continue to call. The Regional Call Center phone numbers are listed below:
    • North New Jersey: 201-601-4100
    • Central New Jersey: 732-761-2020
    • South New Jersey: 856-507-2340
    • Out-of-state claims: 888-795-6672 (you must call this number from a phone with an out-of-state area code)

NJ Unemployment Application Process

  • Furloughed employees should fill out the unemployment claim application online at:
  • Go to “FILE A CLAIM” in the blue banner at the top of the screen. If you currently do not have an online account, or have not had one in three years, please select “New users register here” to create an online account and complete your application. If you have an existing online account, please select “Existing users log in here” to complete your application.
  • Begin by clicking the “File a Claim” button on the bottom right corner of the webpage.
  • If you have trouble creating an online account or any other unemployment questions, we urge you to contact the NJDOL through their online email form where you will be asked to complete contact information, select the category that most closely applies to your question, and explain your issue.

Helpful Tips as You Complete the Application

Please be advised that if your computer is idle for 30 minutes or more, your session will "time out" and all of your claim information will be lost. If you exit for any reason before completing the application, all of your information will be lost.

Step 2 Personal Information

  • Provide your main occupation, list key words in the job description, and then click the search button. You must select an occupation from the prepopulated list that best matches your occupation. If none of the results match, explain in detail your job duties and click the search button again for new results.

Step 3 Eligibility Information

  • “How do you wish to receive your Benefit Payment?”
    • The payment method chosen on the unemployment claim application, Debit Card or Direct Deposit, will be the payment method used for Shared Work benefits. For direct deposit, you will need to enter your account information.

Step 4 Employment Information

  • Rutgers University NJ will be prepopulated under “On-File Employment”. Please note that the information listed including the mailing address of Cooperative Ext Ser, c/o Corporate Cost Control from Londonderry, NH is correct.
  • “What was the last day you worked for this employer?”
    • Select “01-23-2021”, regardless of your first furlough date. Our approved program with the NJDOL begins on 01/24/2021 and 01/23/2021 must be selected as the last day you worked regardless of your furlough schedule and furlough dates.
  • “Are you still employed by this employer?”
    • Select “Yes” and choose “Reduction in Hours by Employer” from the dropdown menu
  • “Please select the reason for separation from this employer”
    • Select “Business Closed/Hours Reduced – COVID-19 Related” from the dropdown menu
  • You will be asked to “provide further explanation below”
    • Please type “Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Program” in the freeform field
  • “Do you expect to be recalled by this employer?”
    • Please select “No”


  • Regardless of any communication you may receive, you will NOT be certifying online or by telephone during the Shared Work Furlough Program. Only the claim application needs to be filed. You may receive general information emails about how to certify for Unemployment benefits, but that is informational to anyone who has filed a claim. Do not use the Web application or Telephone IVR System to certify for weekly benefits while in the Shared Work program. Benefits will be paid by NJDOL using the application/information that has been supplied Certifying will cause Unemployment errors and payment delays so please DO NOT CERTIFY.
  • Due to the number of the unemployment claims being filed and processed, state unemployment benefits may be delayed.

Supplemental $300 Weekly Benefit

  • A COVID-19 relief package was passed into law on December 27, 2020 and among other pandemic relief measures, will provide an additional $300 per week in federal funding for enhanced unemployment benefits through the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program for the weeks of December 26, 2020 to March 14, 2021.
  • The timing of Phase 2 of the Non-Aligned Program coincides with the FPUC program so that eligible participants will receive the supplemental $300 weekly benefit throughout the entire Shared Work Furlough Program.
  • You do not need to certify weekly to receive the $300/week. Your Unemployment Insurance application will initiate the $300.
  • It is important to note that the $300 stimulus is a separate payment, there may be delays in receiving the payment, but all payments will be retroactive payments to the start of the program.

If you have any questions, please contact OneSource Rutgers Faculty and Staff Service Center at 732-745-SERV (7378) or