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Team Building

Description: Uses an inclusive, people focused approach to create an environment that facilitates cooperation and teamwork. Takes on leadership role as necessary. Establishes and builds relationships; resolves conflicts; expresses positive expectations of team members.

Key Characteristics:

  • Effective Communication
  • People Focused
  • Relationship Building

Measurable Behaviors:

Role Model

  • Effective Communication: Chooses the most effective and meaningful form to express ideas and information. Adapts the content, tone, style and delivery method to suit the needs of their audience.
  • People Focused: Creates a culture of unity, creativity, motivation and success among team members. Ensures the right people are empowered and involved in the decision-making process.
  • Relationship Building: Leverages an extensive network of resources both inside and outside of the university to facilitate the achievement of shared strategic goals and objectives.


  • Effective Communication: Facilitates collaboration, cooperation and teamwork using composed, clear and direct messages.
  • People Focused: Contributes to an environment of learning that values, encourages, and supports the development of others. Proactively supports colleagues and collaborates to help achieve targets.
  • Relationship Building: Develops a professional network with other teams and departments and navigates the internal and external environments that affect the work of the university.


  • Effective Communication: Organizes information so that facts or ideas lead the receiver to a specific conclusion.
  • People Focused: Seeks different points of view and incorporates diverse perspectives in group processes and decision making. Creates a positive team environment through co-operation.
  • Relationship Building: Facilitates an open exchange of opinions from diverse groups, strengthening internal and external support.