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Performance Evaluations for RBHS Positions

A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Managers and Supervisors

  1. Choose Objectives - Analyze job duties and responsibilities, required outcomes and results; choose and define appraisal criteria;
  2. Communicate expectations - Set performance expectations / targets and communicate to employee; allow for participation;
  3. Plan - Assist employee in determining and implementing effective strategies, processes to perform tasks; explore options and limitations regarding selection of methods; obtain required resources;
  4. Monitor, Assist, and Control - Continually monitor performance, providing ongoing feedback and assistance in the forms of problem solving, coaching, counseling, and developing; remove roadblocks to successful performance; take corrective action as required;
  5. Appraise - Observe, document, recall, and evaluate performance against expectations and standards; complete appraisal forms; back up evaluation with concrete examples and data;
  6. Feedback - Review evaluation with employee in a carefully planned feedback session; be specific and explicit; listen carefully; use a problem solving approach; cover strengths, contributions, and areas of improvement; create an action plan to address improved performance and/or develop performance capability;
  7. Personnel Decisions - Make personnel decisions (e.g., pay increase, promotion, incentives, transfers, etc.);
  8. Develop - Implement developmental action plans, where appropriate. 

Resources for Supervisors