Date: March 23, 2018
To: Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs 
From: Vivian Fernández
Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness
Re: Background Check Communication

Dear Colleagues,

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain and promote a safe learning and work environment for students, faculty, staff, and guests, and to ensure that our academic and research missions are supported by qualified candidates, the university is pleased to announce that it is extending the practice of conducting background checks for all applicants for non-student worker job classifications at Rutgers. This comprehensive program, to be reflected in a revised, new policy, establishes a consistent procedure and creates consistent standards for conducting background checks. This endeavor will promote the hiring of employees who will contribute to the success of Rutgers and will enhance the welfare of existing faculty, staff, and students.

Under the new program, prior to employment with the university, all applicants for faculty and staff positions will undergo--and must successfully pass -- a background check, unless a specific and extraordinary exception is granted.  Additionally, all offers of employment will be conditional upon the successful completion of all pre-employment screenings.  The elements of a background check will vary depending upon the type or level of position being sought; these may be viewed within the new policy when it is promulgated. The program will go into effect for all staff hires on March 26th and faculty hires on April 30th.  Additional information with regards to the process for faculty positions will be sent out in April.

Further, all job postings and offer letters of employment will state that employment at the university will be contingent upon successful completion of all pre-employment screenings.  Hiring managers, therefore, are directed to utilize only university approved offer letters, the templates for which may be found at, for approved users.

Please note that the university will continue its practice of following the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as other Federal and State statutes governing the use and safeguarding of information obtained from background checks.

The new program and revised policy will support and be in conjunction with existing Rutgers Policy 30.1.9. Protection of Minors, but does not replace nor stand in place of this policy.  Rutgers Policy 60.9.32 Background Checks for Candidates for Staff Positions will be rescinded and replaced by the new policy when it is promulgated.

Hiring managers should contact University Human Resources at 848-932-4444 for information on the university process for background checks or via email at

Thank you in advance for your assistance and your cooperation in implementing this important and necessary endeavor.

Please note, the new initiative outlined above will not affect the current Legacy UMDNJ background check process.


Vivian Fernández
Sr. Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness