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Employee Counseling - Mission and Values


Rutgers FSAP is a free, confidential counseling organization that is available to all employees of the university and their family members. We are committed to enhancing individual, family, and organizational health through counseling, assessment, referral, and case management. We do this by providing education, training, and consultation in all areas of the university workplace. Our philosophy of care is simply to provide the highest-quality service and to be respectful of the specific needs of individual clients and the university.


  • To provide counseling of the highest quality that is confidential, appropriate, and respectful of our clients' needs.
  • To partner with a myriad of university departments and professional organizations in order to promote workplace health and harmony.
  • To pursue continuous professional development and personal growth.
  • To promote and support the goal of a university community that practices shared decision making, open communication, collaboration, and balance between work and family.