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Planning for the Future | Upcoming Financial Webinars

Dear Rutgers Colleagues:

As part of our ongoing Planning for the Future education programming, we are pleased to announce the next series of webinars focused on Social Security and financial wellness. These webinars are intended to provide employees with the tools and education necessary to manage finances and help make the best financial decisions for themselves, their families, and their futures. Webinars are available to all Rutgers employees and are free of charge.

Below is a list of the Planning for the Future webinars and links to register:

Social Security – hosted by Social Security Administration

This session will provide an overview of Social Security and Medicare for retirement purposes.

Deferred Compensation 101 – hosted by Empower (formerly Prudential)

This session will discuss deferred compensation and provide information regarding the opportunity to voluntarily shelter a portion of your wages from federal income taxes while saving for retirement.

As a reminder, we also encourage you to take advantage of our wellness resources on the Discover UHR Wellness website and access many of the wellness seminars previously offered by visiting the Rutgers Employees First Webinar Series website.


Vivian Fernández
Senior Vice President Human Resources