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Update Regarding Unresolved Unemployment Claims from the Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Program

Dear Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Participants:

(If you have no unresolved unemployment claims, please disregard this communication.)

The New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL) has been overwhelmed with the filing of unemployment claims. As you can imagine, this has been happening in many states across the nation.

We have been working closely with the NJDOL, to resolve all remaining claims. Please know that as soon as we receive your unresolved claims information, we forward it to NJDOL. We have also compiled each reported unresolved claim into a consolidated working list.

Please note: Due to the number of unresolved unemployment claims that have been reported, these claims will be resolved in chronological order of Shared Work Furlough Program start date. For more information on the start dates of the Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Programs please visit our Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Program website.

These are the unemployment claims being addressed based on the information we have received from our employees:

  • Unfiled Unemployment Claims
  • Out of State Resident Claims
  • Fraudulent Unemployment Claims
  • Unpaid NJ State partial benefits and/or unpaid Federal benefits (this includes applicable $600 CARES Act, $300 Lost Wages Assistance, and $300 American Rescue Plan benefits)
  • Unemployment Benefit Overpayments

Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Program Unresolved Unemployment Claims Verification

So that you may verify that you have reported your unresolved claims, University Human Resources (UHR) has created a webpage for all Shared Work Furlough Program participants. The verification process checks your information against our consolidated unresolved claims list. Follow these simple steps:

  • Access the Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Program Unresolved Claims Verification webpage.
  • Enter your NetID and password for Single Sign On.
  • Upon entering your NetID and password, the webpage will verify whether your unresolved claim has been reported.
  • If the verification indicates that your claim has not been reported, you will then be able to report your unresolved claim information.

UHR is committed to bringing closure to all Rutgers’ unresolved unemployment claims. Please know that we will continue to work closely with NJDOL until all pending cases are paid and closed.

If there are additional questions regarding unresolved unemployment claims or the Rutgers Shared Work Furlough Program, please contact


Vivian Fernández
Senior Vice President for Human Resources