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Karla Marie Anderson
Director of Human Capital Management
(848) 932-3981
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Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management Specialists review department requests for compliance with state and federal regulations, university policy, and bargaining unit contracts. They also assist assigned client departments in a number of transactions within the HCM system including hires, reappointments, salary adjustments, terminations, retirements, leaves of absence, and returns from leave within the HCM system, troubleshoot HCM related issues on behalf of employees and client departments, and complete special projects. 


Daniela Tapia
HCM Manager
(848) 932-3960
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Ryan Gillen
HCM Specialist I
(848) 932-3872
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Vanessa Rodriguez
HCM Specialist I
(848) 932-9307
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Erik Schwarte
HCM Specialist II
(848) 932-3906
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Lorin Tompkins 
HCM Preparer
(848) 932-3858
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Massiel De Los Santos
HCM Preparer
(848) 932-3889
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Joseph Almeida
HCM Preparer
(848) 932-3901
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