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Instructions to Transfer to ABP from PERS

If you decide to remain in PERS

If you decide to remain in PERS, you need only complete the Election of Retirement Coverage form and return the completed forms to your Human Resources department.

If you decide to transfer to ABP

If you have decided to transfer to ABP, you must complete the following forms within 90 days (30 days for new hires including part-time lecturers) of receipt of information from UHR.

Step 1: Complete the Election of Retirement Coverage Form

  1. Access the ABP Enrollment/Transfer Application online and print.
  2. Complete Parts 1 and 2; sign and date both sections

Step 2: Complete the Carrier Allocation Form/Salary Reduction Agreement

  1. Access the Carrier Allocation Form/Salary Reduction Agreement online and print.
  2. Fill in your name, work telephone number, department, email address, and campus.
  3. For Type of Activity, check "New Enrollment."
  4. For Vesting Status, check "I am vested."
  5. Indicate the percentage (whole number) of ABP payroll contributions for each carrier you are investing with.
  6. Indicate if you wish to tax-defer voluntary additional contributions above your mandatory 5% employee contribution.
  7. Sign and date the form.

Step 3: Complete the Investment Carrier Enrollment Kit

Complete the unique enrollment form(s) and send to the individual investment carrier.