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Layoff Guidelines

The following information is provided as guidance regarding layoff of staff employees. If you need assistance in advising an employee of an impending layoff you should reach out to the HR Consulting Team or for aligned employees contact the Office of University Labor Relations.

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that the University acts both wisely in protecting institutional priorities and responsibly towards those individuals whose separation from the university is a direct result of budgetary constraints. In addition, please refer to the appropriate collective negotiations agreement and/or University policy.

Layoff Resources
Benefits Information and Forms
Benefits Information For The Employee Who is Laid Off

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) can be utilized by managers seeking guidance on how to compassionately handle the layoff process, as well as how to deal with the aftermath. There are changes due to restructuring, remaining employees dealing with survivor’s guilt, and of course, the issues of loss, grief and anxiety that face the laid off employee. FSAP counselors can help all affected employees and their families navigate through the transition by providing direct counseling and resource information.

RBHS (Legacy UMDNJ) departments and employees in RBHS positions should continue to utilize the services of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). For more detailed information call 1-800-327-3678.