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Professional Acumen

Description: Produces high-quality results through informed decision making and by applying technical and occupational knowledge. Understands functional job requirements, operating procedures, and the interrelationship between their role and the overall success of the university.

Key Characteristics:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Learning
  • Job Mastery
  • Technical Proficiency

Measurable Behaviors:

Role Model

  • Continuous Improvement: Creates an environment of continuous improvement that fosters a culture of accountability, diversity, innovation, and high performance.
  • Continuous Learning: Creates a culture of learning, high commitment, and next generation leadership. Leverages information from a wide variety of sources to evolve current thinking and methodologies.
  • Job Mastery: Demonstrates an expert level of competency in the skills and knowledge required for in role success. Exhibits job and technical expertise by leveraging industry trends in the creation of strategy and the application of decision-making.
  • Technical Proficiency: Serves as an expert consultant to internal and external clients on complex matters. Evaluates and advises on the impact the latest industry trends and developments will have on the university.


  • Continuous Improvement: Develops sound practices that anticipate the impact and risk of decisions and actions. Seeks opportunities to create efficiencies by sharing best practices across the university.
  • Continuous Learning: Transfers acquired knowledge and expertise to others through knowledge sharing, mentorship, and constructive feedback.
  • Job Mastery: Demonstrates a high degree of technical competence and job knowledge, adding value beyond the core occupational function.
  • Technical Proficiency: Serves as a subject matter expert, in a technical subject area, to an internal team or department. Develops new approaches and procedures to resolve technical issues.


  • Continuous Improvement: Seeks ways to improve overall performance and productivity. Audits and monitors adherence to policies and procedures.
  • Continuous Learning: Strives to upgrade the depth and breadth of technical and professional skills.
  • Job Mastery: Applies background, technical knowledge, education, and prior job experiences to current and new job situations.
  • Technical Proficiency: Uses technical knowledge to maximize productivity, enhance communication methods and manage processes.