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Description: Resilient leaders embrace ambiguity and chaos, encouraging creative thinking and solutioning. Leaders demonstrate persistence as setbacks and challenges occur.

Key Characteristics:

  • Change Agent
  • Personal Agility
  • Innovation

Measurable Behaviors:

Role Model

  • Change Agent: Proactively identifies the need to champion change to gain momentum and alignment to achieve business objectives.
  • Personal Agility: Leverages strengths of best-in-class teams and uses these to define the future standards of Rutgers.
  • Innovation: Mentors others as they bring new ways of thinking that push the boundaries of old ways of working.


  • Change Agent: Identifies and mitigates resistance to change to maximize adoption and success.
  • Personal Agility: Drives team to respond to new opportunities and encourages learning new behaviors to maneuver smoothly around complex situations.
  • Innovation: Challenges paradigms, pressure test ideas and embraces new ways of thinking, resulting in more creative, robust solutions.


  • Change Agent: Identifies the case for change and engages peers in conversations around the advantages of change.
  • Personal Agility: Is aware of the working pulse of the organization and adapts their working style flexibly in response to others.
  • Innovation: Recognizes opportunities to solve old, routine problems with new ideas.