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Super Connector

Description: A super connector knows the value of each personal connection and of the relationship, creating mutually beneficial relationships. Super connectors leverage their network to build effective teams and increase team performance by connecting the work to Rutgers’ purpose.

Key Characteristics:

  • Building Networks and Leveraging Partnerships
  • Effective Teaming
  • Purpose-Driven Leadership

Measurable Behaviors:

Role Model

  • Building Networks and Leveraging Partnerships: Uses networking to create partnerships to further Rutgers’ organizational strategy.
  • Effective Teaming: Role models fair and respectful standards of teaming between units—leads others in creating dialogue between individuals and groups with disparate points of view.
  • Purpose-Driven Leadership: Serves as a mentor and coach to help others not only define their purpose but also to help them to connect their purpose to their work at Rutgers.


  • Building Networks and Leveraging Partnerships: Builds rapport at multiple levels within the organization and creates opportunities to collaborate with other internal resources to create opportunities for growth and fill in the gap in capabilities within the team.
  • Effective Teaming: Drives synergy by leveraging strengths of different teams for improved performance and operational efficiency—engages in effective communication to influence and be influenced by others.
  • Purpose-Driven Leadership: Engages in conversation to discuss how Rutgers’ purpose influences ways of working.


  • Building Networks and Leveraging Partnerships: Understands the need to build personal rapport with counterparts within the organization and begins to build those relationships.
  • Effective Teaming: Is aware of overall team goals; is willing to listen and learn from others and leverage on others' strengths.
  • Purpose-Driven Leadership: Recognizes how personal purpose connects to Rutgers’ purpose.