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OneRED: High-Impact Leadership Program

OneRED: High-Impact Leadership Program is a new strategic growth opportunity for high-potential, non-aligned Rutgers staff leaders. Sponsored by the Rutgers Senior Leadership Team, it's designed to create a network of leaders with a university-wide, “One Rutgers” perspective, who will play critical roles in shaping the future of the university.

The OneRED: High-Impact Leadership Program combines classroom-based networking and instruction with focused online activities and multiple opportunities to assess and apply leadership styles and strengths. It is designed to build the leadership and professional competencies introduced this year as a foundation of the Rutgers Performance Management program.

Through the program, leaders will have the opportunity to build an active university-wide network at Rutgers and to exercise their leadership strengths to help build a more diverse, talented and resilient university.

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Why Join?

Candidates will have access to:

  • A Network of High Potential Leaders – Strengthen university connections
  • Senior Leadership – Exposure to senior leaders
  • Executive Coaching – Maximize their personal and professional potential
  • Mentors – Focus their personal and professional development
  • Leadership Tools and Resources – Guidance in creating career goals, increasing self-awareness, and enhancing their leadership development plan
  • Enhanced Leadership Skills – Improved development and expansion of leadership abilities


  • Developing a network of leaders who will operate with a university wide, One Rutgers perspective. Program activities and outcomes will focus on the strategic needs and imperatives of the university over priorities of individual units or departments.
  • Developing a network of leaders who will support and trust each other over their careers at Rutgers and beyond. For this reason, this program extends for a full year after classroom instruction concludes, and it includes career-long participation in a Leadership program alumni network.
  • Developing a network of leaders who will play key roles in talent development at Rutgers. The program is designed upon the Leadership Competencies introduced this year as a foundation of the Rutgers Performance Management program.
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Program Time Commitment

  • Six seven-hour classroom-based modules.
  • Class sessions are scheduled every two weeks (rotated among Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick).
  • An average of four hours per week is required for in class sessions, and up to four hours per month over the 12 months after the classroom sessions end.
  • Participants will be granted release time from supervisors to complete pre-class and post-class assignments and ongoing online discussions, which are mandatory elements of the program.
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