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OneRED: High-Impact Leadership Program

The OneRED: High-Impact Leadership Program is a strategic growth opportunity for high performing, high potential Director level and above Rutgers staff leaders. Offered in partnership with University Human Resources, Division of Continuing Studies, and Institutional Planning & Operations, it is designed to create a network of leaders with a university-wide, “One Rutgers” perspective, who will play critical roles in shaping the future of the university.

The OneRED: High-Impact Leadership Program combines networking and instruction with focused activities and multiple opportunities to assess and apply leadership styles and strengths. It is designed to build the Leadership competencies that Rutgers has identified, which define the qualities of exemplary leaders and align to our value propositions.

Through the program, leaders will have the opportunity to build an active university-wide network at Rutgers and to exercise their leadership strengths to help build a more diverse, talented, and resilient university.

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Why Join?

Participants will have access to:

  • A Network of High Potential Leaders – Strengthen university connections and collaboration 
  • Executive Coaching – Maximize personal and professional potential 
  • Leadership Assessments, Tools, and Resources – Increase self-awareness, gain insight into leadership styles and strengths, and enhance leadership development plan 
  • Enhanced Leadership Skills – Improve development and expansion of leadership abilities 

Program Goals

Develop a Cadre of Leaders:

  • with a university-wide, One Rutgers perspective
  • an expanded vision and focus beyond individual campuses, departments, and units
  • actively contributing to and nurturing an inclusive and beloved community
  • readily equipped to adapt to the changing needs of the university
  • able to respond to disruption and chaos in an agile and resilient manner

Develop a Network of Leaders:

  • who will play key roles in fostering a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment and talent development at Rutgers
  • who will support and trust each other over decades
Employee Development

Program Time Commitment

  • Blend of asynchronous and synchronous virtual learning sessions, assignments, activities, and meaningful conversations
  • Virtual sessions delivered over (6) modules
  • (1) Capstone project
  • Post-program online development
  • An average of 4 hours per week is required during the first 6 months, and up to 4 hours per month for program content and additional time for project work after the modules end.
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