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Program Summary

Module 1: Leading Through Ambiguity, Chaos, and Disruption

This opening module starts with a high-level view of leading through ambiguity, chaos, and disruption. As leaders, how do we adapt and respond to disruption and crisis? How can we shift to hold a positive perspective of disruption?

Module 2: Purpose-Driven Leadership: Understanding Personal and Team Strength

A clearly defined leadership style supports you in leading a cohesive team, contributing to a beloved community, and having a lasting impact. This module explores the Rutgers leadership competencies, and insights gained from the 360 feedback, behavioral, communications, and strengths assessments. Explore how to use this information to define your leadership style.

Module 3: Intercultural Sensitivity: Creating a Welcoming Environment

Fosteråing a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment doesn’t happen only by setting and implementing strategic goals. It requires each individual to turn inward and explore intercultural concepts and the impact a leader imparts.

Module 4: Total Talent Development: Building High-Performance Teams and Growing the Next Generation of Leaders

Module 4 concentrates on the team. As a leader, how do you develop, engage, and improve the performance of the team regardless of whether they are remote or in-person, aligned or non-aligned? What communication styles are you employing to lead your team through various situations?

Module 5: Envisioning a Scarlet Future: Leading Rutgers Through Change

The first module explored a type of change, disruption. In this penultimate module, participants will explore additional aspects of change that affect the individual leader and the university, and develop skills to embrace change.

Module 6: Transforming the Rutgers Experience: Designing Change for the Next 250 Years

Module 6 marks the last moderated component of the program and will set the participants up to work in cross-functional groups to design university-wide solutions that will transform Rutgers. This module will celebrate the achievements of the participants thus far by asking them to commit to the individual and university-wide change needed to continue the OneRutgers vision.

Participant-Led Online Program

Throughout the moderator-led portion of the program, participants have learned about their personal and team leadership styles, they learned about cultural humility and what actions to take to create a diverse, inclusive, and cohesive environment, they also learned about change. The cohort will enter into the participant-led portion of the program and work on implementing their leadership action plan and generating solutions for their capstone project.