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Part-Time Lecturers

Part-time Lecturers (PTLs) Resources and Awards Information


Resources for PTLs

University Human Resources

Office of Academic Labor Relations, Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Rutgers AAUP-AFT Union

Awards for PTLs

University-Wide Awards

  • SVPAA - Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes (CACP) Awards
    1. Clement A. Price Human Dignity Award
    This award recognizes outstanding individuals or groups that have demonstrated extraordinary achievement and commitment to promoting and practicing diversity and inclusion at Rutgers University and/or in partnership with the broader community.
    2. Leaders in Faculty Diversity Award
    This award honors a select number of faculty who have been leaders in promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and access at Rutgers University, either through their own research and teaching, and/or in other venues.

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University Senate Contacts

The Rutgers University Senate is a university-wide deliberative body consisting of representatives of Rutgers faculty, students, staff, administrators, and alumni.

  • Karen Thompson, Senator, Executive Committee – Senate Officer, PTL-NB, Faculty Representative
  • Koelb, Tadzio, PTL-NB, Faculty - 2018
  • Leavy, Barbara, PTL-C, Faculty - 2018
  • Nash, Bridget, PTL-NB, Faculty - 2018
  • Novelli, Dominic, PTL-N, Faculty - 2018
  • Patrick, Philip, PTL-N, Faculty - 2018
  • Saltzman, Cynthia, PTL-C, Faculty - 2018